I’m 20, an aspiring journalist/PR officer and currently an English student in the London area but frequently manage to forget I’m actually doing a degree.

I spend most of my energy on writing (particularly about music but also a variety of current issues/ personal thought-streams), the occasional feminist rant, and browsing (but not getting round to applying to) various internships. I’m also on the management team for ‘Dragonfly Recording Studios’ in Redhill which is a fab experience and ties in well with my position as Music Editor for our campus Newspaper ‘The Founder’. This year I’m hoping to attend more gigs, explore even more genres and generally make more time for music in my life.

On less of a formal note, I love spinach more than is natural, I am only just learning to use Tumblr with the help of friends and I’m terrified of the dark. I’m not yet sure exactly what the theme of my blog is but I’m hoping to create an interesting space and get my personal brand out into the world!

I'm great. Look at me go!
I’m great. Look at me go!

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