Although not a full album, ‘EP2’ is the most recent in a series of EPs released by The Pixies, in my opinion one of the best bands of the last century. Well known for their hit song ‘Where is My Mind?’ as well as many others like ‘Debaser’ and ‘Here Comes Your Man’, it’s hard to find someone who is unaware of The Pixies popularity. The new EP was released on January 3rd 2014, one of the first releases of what promises to be a fantastic year for music! It includes songs the popular new track ‘Magdalena’ as well as three others that fans have showed huge excitement over. The Pixies never fail to keep our interest whilst maintaining their vintage sound, they are a real tribute to what is left of the rock and roll era. My passion for their music really revolves around this point, as a music lover born a generation too late I love their quirky retro genre that reminds us of bands like Status Quo and Slade whilst achieving a twist of modernity. A brilliant EP that hopefully acts as a taster for much more from The Pixies this year!


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