Driving down the M4 to Cardiff, me, my two sisters and my Dad listened to ‘Peroxide’ for the first time, considering my Dad’s love of classic rock and my seventeen year old sister’s obsession with Kanye West, the fact that by the end of the trip they were both fully fledged fans of Nina really says it all. 

Nina Nesbitt has gained fans at an outrageous rate over the last couple of years, emerging seemingly from nowhere when Ed Sheeran asked her to star in the video for his song ‘Drunk’. She has become so popular particularly as her unique style appeals to an enormous range of listeners, her music could be described as a coalition of genres, often intensely emotional ballads inspired by her experiences growing up in Edinburgh but also frequently upbeat and cheerful. Her adorable scottish accent and signature fluffy blonde hair allow her to stand out from a lot of young female singers and some of her songs like ‘Mr C’ also have a slight sassy feminist twist making a statement on the behavior of men in bars. 

The top song of this album has to be ‘Stay Out’, never failing to put me in a fantastic mood but others like ‘Selfies’ or ‘We’ll be back for me’ are also brilliantly written and performed. These are perfectly complimented the intense feeling behind ‘Hold You’ and ‘Brit Summer’ reminding us that we’ve made it through the dark winter months and looking forward to the festivals of the summer!

Rumored to have a strong chance of making a number one album on her first attempt Nina has created an incredible and diverse piece of work at the age of just nineteen, she is clearly destined to reach amazing heights. 


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