Miranda Hart

Miranda Hart stands out to all women, not because she’s different but because she’s normal and she’s intensely relatable. Reading her book ‘Is It Just Me?’ just felt as if a weight had been lifted from my shoulders – women fall over in public, fart loudly and unexpectedly, eat cake with wild abandon and are definitely not always thinking about men. She reminds us all that we don’t have to conform to the distorted media image of women and I love that, she’s witty and clever and interesting but always, always real. Her television show and appearance on mostly male panels for comedy shows like ‘Have I got news for you’ continue to remind women that you can be seen in the media without being a false version of yourself, men just simply aren’t more entertaining than women. 

Kate Nash

‘Feminism is not a dirty word. It does not mean you hate men, it does not mean you hate girls that have nice legs and a tan, it means you believe in equality.’ – I’ve always believed in equality, but its taken until this year for me to realise it matters enough to me that I want to actively promote it. That quotation from Kate Nash sums up everything I’ve learnt about myself, feminism and my strong values in the last year and when ‘Girl Talk’ came out this year I was overjoyed. The album is entirely her own work having released it herself, and the bold change in her style inspired me by reflecting my own recent maturation and figuring out how I want people to see me. In the last year she has also founded her own campaign ‘protect a girl’ teaming up with the charity ‘Because I am a girl’ to support education of girls around the world. 


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