Aside from the hundreds of tracks that inspire festive cheer, there are those inevitable beauties that get on everybody’s nerves, playing in every shop or cafe you walk into until you never want to hear them again! This is a countdown of our top ten most annoying Christmas songs of all time, with lyrics like ‘christmas comes this time every year’ beautifully pointing out the obvious with delectable grammar, and the painfully cheesy tunes by the likes of Madonna and Andy Williams!

10. All i want for christmas is you – Mariah Carey Perhaps not too bad but just so, so much cheese!

9. Stay another day – East 17
This track is featured on the list purely for the video… we will never understand why eskimo men in sunglasses are spinning around in space… for those who haven’t seen it – youtube!

8. Little saint nick – The Beach Boys
The lyrical genius behind this is astounding… Without it we may have expected Christmas in July next year!

7. Mary’s boy child – Boney M
Again not too awful but really out of date!

6. Baby it’s cold outside – Tom jones and Cerys Matthews
Couldn’t possibly be more obvious or repetitive (clearly a theme here)… basically just Tom and Cerys having an argument about whether or not she should go home!

5. It’s the most wonderful time of the year – Andy Williams
Repetitive to the EXTREME! This ancient beauty is the soundtrack to ever supermarket advert ever played in December.

4. Driving home for christmas – Chris Rea
Who would actually write a song about their car journey, even at Christmas? Not in the top three but severely tedious!

3. 8 days of christmas – Destiny’s Child
The pedantic amongst us would complain simply that they forget the last four days of Christmas, but in addition, despite the refreshing change… the odd half rapping style of this song is a little unusual.

2. Last Christmas – Wham
The ultimate overplayed track with rather depressing lyrics! Not what you want to hear at the most cheerful time of the year.

1. Santa Baby – Madonna
As if there aren’t enough versions of this classic! With Madonna’s high pitched excitably festive tones this has to be our number one annoying Christmas song for 2013!!


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