My album of the 2013 has to be ‘We Need Medicine’ by The Fratellis; a fantastic come back album released in October that got an immense reaction from fans of the band! It’s been brilliant to see an older band make such a good return to the spotlight and when I was lucky enough to get a chance to interview lead singer Jon Fratelli, he described how overjoyed as well as humbly surprised he was to have received such a positive response. The band have suggested on their website that ‘Seven Nights Seven Days’ was the headlining song for the album, a song that really tests the boundaries between a deep satirical tone and an upbeat tune to create great results.

I also adore ‘Jeannie nitro’ as well as the title song ‘We Need Medicine’, both of which are a little more light hearted than ‘Seven Nights Seven Days’ with kooky libertines-esque tunes! Although some people would disagree, I feel the new songs perfectly retain the folky rock and roll style of the band whilst adding a refreshing twist of maturity from a slightly more grown up band. I recently saw the album performed live and was not disappointed, I’d recommend both the band and the new songs to anyone interested in some fantastically fun music! 


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