At just seventeen years old, Ella Maria Lani Yelich-O’Connor, known as ‘Lorde’ is a fantastic emerging female artist who is really starting to get a lot of attention. She was signed by her record company at the age of twelve and since releasing her first EP The Love Club, on 22 November 2012, has experienced massive success building up to her debut album ‘Pure Heroine’ that we first heard at the end of September this year!

Fans have said that despite ‘Royals’ being played everywhere at the moment, her other songs are ‘as good, if not better!’ and have mentioned how she has a similar tone to ‘Birdy’ with ‘catchy melodies and a waspish voice’ although potentially a stronger voice than ‘Birdy’ attached to more upbeat tracks that ‘almost have a tick in them that stays with you long after listening’.

Personally, my favorite track from the album is ‘Ribs’ which I feel has a great depth to it and stands out as a little different, building up from slow ballad-like vocals to strong electronic beats in the chorus.


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