‘All rise, brothers and sisters, because Kate Nash is back and she has things to say!’ – For me the tagline of NME’s review of ‘Girl Talk’ really epitomises the album. Critics have torn this album to pieces; calling it ‘a grunge-infused jam with a screw-you screech of a chorus’ but I completely disagree and would describe it as the perfect infusion of deep intimacy and feminist fierceness! Kate Nash’s first albums were the more lighthearted soundtrack to my childhood, but her new found punk attitude and bass guitar skills only make me feel as if she has grown up with me – finding a strong voice and making her opinions heard.

The best song of the album absolutely has to be ‘Sister’ which is not only pure brilliance but perfectly combines the contrasting gentleness and fury that the album is made up of, starting more slowly and quietly with an emotion infused chorus. My other top tracks I’d recommend to anyone have to be ‘3AM’ and ‘OMYGOD’ but overall I am absolutely in love with her new album, definitely my favorite of 2013 and hope she continues to do what she’s doing!


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