Photo on 05-05-2013 at 21.40

Unless they are a business man or a hermit, at some point in their lives, everyone will find a friend who is effectively an extension of yourself, usually identified by whether you would happily fart in front of them. One month ago, I came to stay with such a friend, Natalya, in Egham, which meant sharing one bed, one very small room and a severe lack of grocery money. When forced into such close proximity with someone for an extended period of time, it can go one way or the other; either you end up stabbing each other in the night or (as was the case with us) you sort of merge into one grotesque being. For us, from this merging developed constant ridiculous conversation and situations, an absolute pigsty of a room and some rather irritated neighbors. We found that a beautiful collapse of inhibitions also developed very quickly, in such cretins as ourselves this does not take long, and when peeing whilst the other person cleans their teeth in the same bathroom is no longer an issue, hilarity ensues.

During this time we found ourselves frequently looking at each other, shaking our heads despairingly and questioning how we ended up so unashamedly insane, a thought which we realised was perfectly captured for the entire world to see in the form of our Twitter accounts. When someone says something absurd to you, of course in the modern world you quote them on twitter and when you find yourself in a situation that you have no words for, you attempt to tweet about it, comforted by the character limit. Hence, on alcohol fueled summer evenings, scrolling backwards through our tweets provided endless entertainment. This really got me thinking about how completely a period of time or even a persons life can be summed up by such a tool, I suspect looking at a month in the form of tweets would provide a wonderfully abstract yet backwardly accurate representation of life, showing distinct personalities and lifestyles.


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